Deborah Diane

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Deborah Diane is a gifted intuitive who has mastered the ability to quickly and easily identify and assist you in releasing blocks, sabotaging patterns, and fear that has prevented you from living the life you love and opening to your fullest potential.

In 2004, Deborah left corporate life for the ideal healing environment of Hawaii. Health was the biggest challenge of her life until she experienced an instantaneous and profound healing. After full recovery from a degenerative disorder that threatened every aspect of her life, Deborah Diane redirected her life to service. The next several years on the islands were dedicated to the process that enabled this work, which has often been described as a miracle. Deborah now shares the gift that emerged from her experience with groups around the world as well as in private sessions, facilitating the same profound changes she experienced herself with as many people as possible.


“I feel so incredibly blessed to be given the opportunity to serve others in this way. I have made drastic life changes from a successful corporate career to homeless while recovering from life threatening illness. I am now embarking on a whole new way of being through this work, and have no doubt in my mind that the most exciting part is yet to come. I have surrendered to the process that continues to amaze and delight me every day of my life. Throughout my healing journey, learning to listen to and follow my inner guidance became a way of life for me, and ultimately became the gift that enabled me to work with others. The immediate and profound results I have experienced myself, and then shared with others, are nothing less than a miracle. I invite you to explore your own intuitive knowing as you also open to a whole new way of being.” ~ Deborah Diane

The Story…

“After being told that I would no longer be able to walk and would be confined to a whelchair for the rest of my life, experiencing brain damage that prevented even the simplest daily tasks, and losing all of my closest relationships to severe depression and the intense emotions of anger and fear that accompanied my physical condition, I decided to make a change. In complete surrender, I turned to prayer and intuition. I then embarked on a journey which I believed was the beginning of the end, but turned out to be the greatest accomplishment of my life. After accepting the fact that I could no longer work due to debilitating illness, I freed myself from nearly all of my possessions and moved to Hawaii to live in a tent. I did my best at accepting the conditions of my life, grateful to have food and a comfortable place to sleep…which seemed like the only things I had left in this world. Estranged from my family and the only life I had ever known, I basically slept through the next couple of years, spending most of my waking hours in tears. Chronic fatigue had taken a hold of me but I was grateful to have found a place where I could sleep the majority of the time without having to concern myself with what seemed meaningless at this stage in my life. A house to live in, nice clothing, money and a nice car all became unimportant to me as I struggled with daily life. Coconuts and a machete were all that I needed to keep myself nourished and hydrated, a tent to keep me dry, and a sarong and swimsuit to clothe me. Living a simple life for the next several years proved to be exactly what I needed.

Today, I am not only walking, my body is strong and vibrant. Although I was told that the brain damage was irreversible, my brain function is back, and I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. I no longer struggle with the degenerative condition I was born with and I no longer feel captive by my failing body. Throughout my homeless venture in Hawaii, due to the lack of brain function, I learned to rely solely on my intuition. Learning to trust the guidance I was receiving was the greatest gift of all. Every day was nothing less than miraculous as I realized that I was never going to be able to rationalize some of the experiences I was having. When I realized that I could help others in the same way I helped myself, I was off and running. I was inspired to help in any way I could and dedicated myself fully to service. Helping others to free themselves from false limitation while I continued to expand my own beliefs about what was possible, became my one and only passion. For nearly four years I dedicated myself to my own healing and then began sharing what I learned with others. I was thoroughly delighted to find that what I was doing worked just as powerfully for them as it had for me. For years, I practiced with anyone I could, refining and improving the process while receiving constant validation that what I was doing worked. After discovering that this process was just as powerful in group settings as with individuals, I began working with groups. With thousands of individual sessions under my belt by that time, most of them with miraculous results, I realized that this is what I was meant to do with my life.

Through this work, which I absolutely love, I am facilitating profound change in people’s lives. With every session I do, the process builds upon itself, continuing to expand and evolve daily, becoming faster, easier, and more profound. I have so much gratitude for the journey that nearly took my life and at this point I can honestly say, despite all of the hardship, pain, and trauma… if I had it to do over again I wouldn’t change a single thing.” ~ Deborah Diane

The Book

Panoramic Ocean