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What is the difference between a private session and a group clearing?

There are benefits to both types of sessions. Group sessions makes this clearing modality accessible and affordable for everyone. The synergy created by the group, and the wide range of experiences of those in attendance allows for a variety of clearings that may not come up in a private session. This process does not require disclosure of your personal information, or for you to tell your story, so the group clearings move quickly and a tremendous amount is accomplished in one session. Private sessions are focused entirely on you, and address topics that may not be appropriate in a group setting or that you may not feel comfortable addressing in a group.

Are group clearings as effective as the individual clearings?

Clearings are just as powerful in groups as they are individually. In private session, we go deeper into topics or areas specific to you. Feedback from group clearings has been overwhelmingly positive, without the need for private work, however, occasionally more focus than is available in groups is required in some areas for you to maximize benefit.

What is required of me before and during a session?

It is not necessary for you to prepare in any way for your session. You may, however, choose to write a list of relationships you would like to clear or topics you’d like to address. If you are unsure of what you would like to work on, Deborah can determine the most important areas of focus for you. The only thing required of you during your session is conscious consent and the willingness to release what is out of alignment with truth. This process is fast and easy, many times even described as fun!

How long until I feel the effects of a session?

Most people notice dramatic shifts during or immediately after their session, however there is an integration period that varies with each individual before full benefit is reached. The work is fully integrated in the most ideal timing for you, which for some is immediate and for others takes weeks or even months.

What can I expect after my session?

Feedback varies tremendously from person to person. Some people experience dramatic shifts immediately, while others take a week or so of integration before feeling the effects. Some people feel fantastic immediately after their clearing while others go through a powerful release process that needs to complete before feeling the full benefit. You may feel tired as your body undergoes detoxification or you may feel energized immediately. Your process is as unique as you are. Almost everyone reports feeling lighter and more optimistic by the end of their session, like heavy burdens have been lifted.

Is it necessary to have multiple sessions to maintain results?

It is not necessary to have multiple sessions to maintain results from the clearings that we have done in each session. Your first session clears the way for expansion and forward movement, it is then up to you to allow the process to unfold in whatever way feels right to you. You may choose to have multiple sessions to further expedite your process or to provide clarity as needed. This modality, however, is about empowering you to make your own changes and enabling you to access your own intuition so that ongoing sessions are unnecessary.

How is it possible to receive benefit from the radio show archives?

The radio show archives are a way to experience a sampling of how Deborah works. Many people have received benefit from listening to the prerecorded shows because they choose to receive benefit and allow the clearing. Nothing will happen “to you” just by listening to the archives unless you make a conscious decision to clear what is being discussed. Just as in private sessions, Deborah is not healing you but is only assisting in your healing, you are healing yourself. The benefit to working with Deborah directly is so she can help you identify blocks and patterns that need to be released for you to maximize benefit from the clearing. If you have already done this, or are able to go within and determine your own blocks, then it is unnecessary to work with Deborah directly. When working privately with Deborah, she can also determine if everything is cleared for you to receive the desired effect and if you are allowing the changes, if not…the blocks are cleared during your session. It is Deborah’s gift to be able to see through denial, resistance, and anything else that may be in the way of you accessing your fullest potential and living in optimum health and well being.

Is this clearing work effective for physical conditions?

When working with physical conditions, we can address the emotional, psychological and energetic influences that have contributed to your condition as well as clear limiting beliefs that may have prevented your healing. Many people who have had chronic conditions for many years have improved very quickly after their session. Some people improve immediately, some improve gradually, and others may need to incorporate diet or lifestyle changes to improve their physical condition. Your session will clear the blocks to allow for and catalyze whatever may be necessary for your healing. Ultimately, the healing is up to you.

What will I experience during a clearing?

Many people can actually feel energy moving or lifting as things are cleared. Everyone experiences this differently although it is most often described as a tingling feeling somewhere in the body. Most people notice that when something is cleared their beliefs, perceptions, and feelings about it shift instantly. The results can be recognized in how you feel, your thought processes and perceptions, your experiences, and how you respond to those experiences.

What does it mean that changes may take some time to integrate?

Although most people feel a significant shift immediately after or even during their session, some changes take more time to come to completion. With this method, you are clearing very deep and many times very old patters and instant integration is not always possible. Although you may feel a shift immediately, sometimes there needs to be an emotional release such as sadness or anger before the full effect of your session is realized. There may also be something that needs to take place before you will notice the full benefit of your clearing. Once the blocked energy is cleared, this is set in motion but may not always happen immediately. All changes are integrated in the most beneficial timing for you. Here are some Integration Tips and Suggestions.

Can I record my session?

It is not recommended to record sessions for multiple reasons. Your session may not be as effective if a recording is made. Recordings may hold energy around what is cleared preventing it from being fully released. You are welcome to take notes if you would like to remember what came up in a session.

How do clearings with children work? Do they need to be present?

Young children are very receptive to this modality, which has proven tremendously successful with children who have had behavioral concerns, intense emotions of anger or fear, nightmares, social inadequacies, learning disabilities, and autistic behaviors. Children under the age of ten do not have to be present for the session, nor do they even have to have an awareness of it, as long as one of their parents or their spiritual guardian consents and is present for the session. Depending on the child, sometimes clearing can be done for someone up to the age of 16 years old with the parents consent. This can be determined by Deborah before a session is scheduled.

Can I act as a surrogate for someone who is not available to participate in their session?

By acting as a surrogate you may be doing someone a great service. Although someone may not be able to verbalize their request, they may have set their intent internally or silently asked for support. This clearing process usually requires conscious consent, however, when verbal consent is not possible, Deborah can determine if they consent on a deeper level. This is done before a session is scheduled. Working through surrogates, clients with severe autism, brain damage, in a coma, or those too sick to participate in their session have been successfully treated.

What does Deborah do before hand to prepare for sessions and group events?

Maintaining clarity and balance is crucial to this work. The preparation is more about lifestyle than what is done right before a session. Maintaining emotional and spiritual balance is key.

Is Deborah psychic?

Deborah is a gifted intuitive that can very quickly determine unconscious, subconscious, and energetic patterns that have blocked you or contributed to unhealthy patterns, experiences, or relationships. Deborah’s intuition is focused on relevant information to your clearing and she only receives information that is beneficial for you to know. Deborah does not refer to herself as psychic, as her work is not as much about predicting the future, nor is it an intuitive reading. Your session is about uncovering what is necessary to release to bring you into alignment with love, happiness, success, and healthy relationships.

Does Deborah intend to create programs to assist others in developing the abilities that she has developed in herself?

Learning to do this is more of a healing and purification process that enables one to receive clear intuitive guidance to maintain the efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of this modality. Several people have reported that they have begun to do their own clearing as a result of their sessions with Deborah. At this time, teaching is only being offered on a one on one basis through private coaching.

Is Deborah willing to travel to facilitate group sessions?

Deborah welcomes the opportunity to travel anywhere this work can be of benefit. If you would like to sponsor travel, please send an e-mail with a detailed request.


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