Tips and Suggestions

Conscious Repatterning™ is a powerful modality that clears very deep and very quickly. It is not always possible for your body to fully integrate the clearing immediately. For this reason, after your session you will begin an integration process that may last a few weeks, or depending on the amount that was cleared, could last months. This is good news! This means that your session was extremely powerful. With Conscious Repatterning™, as much as possible is cleared as quickly as possible in each session, so that multiple sessions are not necessary for you to achieve the same amount of benefit that you currently get out of a single session.

Many people feel fantastic after their clearing….more energy, lighter, clearer, happier and more optimistic. Others may need a little bit of integration before they feel significantly better. Your integration process is unique to you, however you may feel low on energy, emotional, or body aches as you integrate. None of these should ever be severe and should pass quickly.

Some of the things you can do to ease your integration period and to expedite the process are…

Take an Epsom salt bath
Crystal salt, dead sea salt and mineral salts also work well.

Focused breathwork
Take some time sit still or lie down and breathe deeply.

Get some extra sleep
A large portion of your integration occurs in your sleep so getting some extra sleep could actually accelerate your process. As a side note, you may notice a shift in your dreams as you release some of the subconscious energy we cleared. You may also have some powerful insights come through your dreams.

Take a walk
Take either a calming walk or a power walk, whichever feels better to you, preferably in nature.

Express your emotions
You may need to cry, scream or tone. Toning is simply allowing whatever sound wants to come out. If you do not have privacy to do this at home, take a drive and do it in your car.

Write what you are feeling and thinking
Try not to filter or correct what comes through, just express and when you are done, release it.

Listen to soothing music or binaural beats
Maybe you can even listen to soothing music while taking a bath and breathing deeply…ahhhh!

If for some reason you do not feel like you are integrating well, you are welcome to email Deborah to see if there’s anything she can do to assist you.