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Private sessions are 45 minutes long and are conducted over the phone

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Live Group Clearing Call

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Joint Session

Joint sessions can be done with two people either clearing between each other, or with a similar focus. This session is not meant for two people with different areas of focus in mind. Your children under the age of 10 may be included at no extra charge.



Group Session

Private groups can be done over the phone, in person, skype, or
webinar with up to 25 people from different locations visible on one screen

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And then the fine print. The FDA requires that we inform you…

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits the making of health or therapeutic claims for effects relating to any physical or mental illness except by members of the medical profession and/or other FDA approved licensed practitioners. Conscious Repatterning sessions are powerful catalysts for transformation and self healing, however they are not intended to be a substitute for treatment from an FDA approved licensed practitioner. The content of this web site and the information revealed in your session is meant for educational/entertainment purposes only and has not been approved by the FDA, AMA or any other governmental institution. The services and products herein offered are not intended to replace therapy or medical services. These services and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, nor do they substitute for a healthy life style, proper nutrition, health regimen or necessary medication. If you are experiencing a mental, emotional, or physical disorder please continue appropriate supervision and/or treatment as deemed necessary by a licensed practitioner. It is in your sole discernment as to when, why and how to apply the information made available to you in your session.