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“I have worked with over a thousand people to date with feedback that has consistently been overwhelmingly positive. All feedback, whether positive or constructive, is greatly appreciated and provides valuable information for me to continue to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of this clearing method. The personal process I have been through that has enabled me to do this work has been extremely difficult. It is the feedback and gratitude that I receive from others that motivates me to continue to share and expand this work. Thank you!” ~ Deborah Diane

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Sedona“Deborah Diane’s work is astonishing, it is the most exciting thing I have encountered in a long time. Living in Sedona, I have experienced many different modalities and this is by far the most powerful! I am incredibly grateful for the immediate and profound results. I have had huge breakthroughs with my relationships and my life has gotten more expansive, easier, and even magical since our session. Deborah’s process is mind boggling and her intuition is spot on! I feel it is the new paradigm of healing: quick, efficient, easy…absolutely amazing.” Gwen Payne – Sedona

“I have lived in Sedona most of my life and have seen many modalities come and go, but I REALLY felt this one! I am a pretty practical guy, and I have to admit that this has done for me what took years of other programs to do, the best part is I don’t have to get into any part of the story, I just say what I want to release and that’s it! Its SO cool, and what it has done for me is bring all my relationships to the present moment. Deborah is fresh, clear, and compassionate…SWEET!! This will change your life beyond your wildest dreams!” Don Williams – Sedona, AZ

“Just one session with Deborah was as effective as my recent year long structured program. I have also been to weekend long programs that have not accomplished as much as one of her group clearings! She is extremely gifted and very efficient. Her method is unexplainable, yet highly effective!” Gerald Simon – Ashland, OR

“I have worked with many healers and teachers and have never gotten to the core of the biggest trigger of my life until working with Deborah Diane. After only one session, my biggest trigger is completely gone, and I am eternally grateful. We were able to clear deeply rooted fear patterns that have inhibited me for years. In her own unique way, she has facilitated the acceptance, integration, and ownership of my inherent power. I am now taking ownership of who I am. I am losing weight and taking care of myself in ways I never have before. The work I have done with Deborah is truly miraculous, I only wish I would have found her 30 years ago!” Cathy Hastings – Ashland, OR

“Deborah’s work is priceless. Her gifts are unexplainable, yet the results are truly undeniable! She came at a time where I had one foot out the door and even after years of working with many different modalities, and several (very) high priced healers and teachers, I had given up. I finally resorted to prayer and there she was. Her guidance and support made the impossible possible for me. She helped me to see the gifts in some of the hardest transitions I’ve ever had to make. The message she brought through from my late husband helped me to finally release the past and to move forward in my life with love and acceptance for what was previously unbearable. There are no words to describe what she has done for me. Every area of my life has shifted faster than I ever imagined it could. I truly do not have the words to express my gratitude. My wish for you, Deborah, is that what you do for others and for this world comes back to you tenfold. Your story, your attitude, and your perseverance are truly an inspiration. You have been a God send to me and my family. I wish everyone on this planet could experience what you have to offer.” Alma Pineda – Maui, HI

“The healing that Deborah facilitated within me is something I have been searching for, for 34 years! It’s been a long journey for me, searching within and asking why. The journey has introduced me to astrology, taken me to Ecuador in search of a shaman, allowed me to experience DMT, ten Ayahuasca ceremonies, psychic surgery, Vipassana meditation, and all with a healthy dose of self-reflection. With all that, I still didn’t find what I was looking for…and then there she was! Oh my god! One quick clearing and I feel like a kid again! I’m just now getting to know the real me, and it’s such a wonderful experience. I feel so much more clear again, I feel in balance with myself. It’s beyond my ability to express….it’s immeasurable. I’m back, and I’m extremely grateful.Thank you does not adequately express my gratitude. Deborah, you have a connection and a gift that so many people need right now. I think you’re really amazing. I’m just blown away every day at how much information came through that was so accurate and so deep. You just knew so many things that nobody knows, it’s so incredible. You are just phenomenal and you should be recognized for that. I think you have a lot to offer people, and the world. You’re just frickin amazing. Anonymous – Maui, Hawaii

“This is the most powerful type of clearing I have ever experienced in my life! ANYONE and EVERYONE can benefit from this. Reprogramming thought patterns, limiting beliefs, energy, etc. There is absolutely no category that is off limits, you can work on anything with Deborah. Deborah is so clear, any question can be answered accurately! If you don’t know what you need to work on, the insight comes through Deborah and it gets resolved as long as you are ready to take the step.” Justin Blanchard – Sedona, AZ

“Working with Deborah is not only uplifting, it is life changing! Miraculously, after only one session, I am no longer allergic to the most luscious fruit known to man! Despite an allergy that prevented me from being able to eat watermelon for most of my life, I miraculously have no more symptoms. Watermelon is my new love affair after clearing my attachment to my mother’s processes (her allergy to watermelon) and the way I blocked myself from pleasure. I’ve eaten watermelon regularly since my session, for breakfast lunch and dinner on some days, still without ANY allergic reaction! I am so excited for many reasons and boy I want to shout it from the roof top! Since my session, I’ve also noticed feeling less cloudy and more energized. At first, I didn’t understand why I was feeling better but then I realized that I had just had a session with Deborah! Since then, my clarity has increased and my energy is on the rise. I feel so, so, so much better! Yeah!!!!!! I wish everyone could experience life this way! What seems different about Deborah is that she wants us to help ourselves rather than keeping us handicapped and coming back for more sessions. It truly impressed me that she inspires and teaches others to do the work for themselves at the expense of her own income. She is a TRUE advocate for self help, arming you with the tools to access your fullest potential and change your life in a powerful way. Furthermore, what she teaches is highly motivational. Her story is not only phenomenal, but also authentic and heart felt, and appears to have given her insight into the gifts she shares with the rest of us. What I love about what she teaches is that she has lived it and has first hand knowledge of what she shares. I love you Deborah Diane, thank you for the miraculous things you do. I’m so glad I found you and am so grateful that you do what you do and share it with the world. You have truly changed my life and catapulted my awakening journey to the next level for sure!” Jennifer Baxter – Haslet, TX

Shasta“The changes in my relationship have been remarkable and dramatic since my session with Deborah Diane. There have been so many shifts in many areas of my life. My partner is back to the man he was four years ago, and he wasn’t even there for the clearing! We are both so grateful to finally be free from energies that have been bombarding us for years.” Susan Kendall – Portland, OR

“Deborah Diane is far and away the clearest, most efficient, most powerful healer I have ever experienced. I feel like I cleared 30 years of baggage in just a few minutes without any processing at all! I am in awe of the potency of her healing method!” Lauren Taylor, J.D. – Ashland, OR

“My session with Deborah was definitely the most powerful healing I’ve received in this lifetime! I am so thankful I finally picked up the phone and made that appointment! I had been sad so long I completely forgot what it was like to experience true happiness. HUGE shifts occurred during our session and two months later things are still just getting better and better. I felt a dark cloud was lifted off my consciousness. Now my heart is filled with joy. All aspects of my life have improved immensely and people seem to gravitate towards my light. I finally feel open to connect and be vulnerable with others. I have tons of energy now. Life can still have its challenges, but I’m more equipped to deal with them! I am so thankful for Deborah and her amazing work. Thank you, Deborah, and blessings on your gift to humanity!” Amberay Toney – Hawaii

“I am amazed that I have not had one anxiety attack since seeing Deborah Diane. I have had severe panic attacks for about five years, which made it impossible for me to talk or even move at times. Since my session, I have not had to take one Xanax, whereas before I was taking it at least once a day and sometimes up to six or eight times a day. I feel so different now and am staying really positive. All of my relationships have changed! I was nervous about seeing my mother at our Thanksgiving gathering but after clearing our relationship, we enjoyed each other for the first time in ten years and even left feeling good! Many of my friends are amazed and grateful that the ‘me’ that has been gone for so long is back.” Martina Riccardi – Ashland, OR

“My session with Deborah Diane was magical. My logical mind cannot even begin to comprehend the unique and powerful process. Her insights were amazing, and the clearings are nothing less than mind boggling. My entire existence has been transformed after one session. It’s hard to find the words to describe what her work has done for me or how much gratitude I have for the experience. Incredible.” Mark Gaudet – San Francisco, CA

“I am sooooooo impressed with the work that you do, Deborah. Every time I work with you I am blown away by your intelligence, integrity and clarity. You are seriously awesome!! I really appreciate all that you are doing and your support. Thank you.” Polly – London, England

“Deborah Diane has been a life changing force for my 7 year old son and I. Before working with Deborah, my son was waking up every night, for years, with nightmares and lots of fear. After a few clearings (with only my presence) my son was no longer having nightmares and seven months later, continues to sleep well to this day! Deborah has also helped me change some very ingrained patterns that I’ve been trying to clear for many years now. I highly recommend her if there is something in your life you want to change!” Jeanne White – Ashland, OR

“Wow!!! Your work is truly beyond intuitive…it’s an amazing little miracle all by itself! It is truly amazing and a dramatic and IMMEDIATE SHIFT!!! I’m in complete bliss and stillness…so fresh and renewed, I can’t thank you enough! I feel truly AMAZING and am feeling such powerful shifts!!! I LOVE IT!! I have significantly much more clarity on my career and professional choices and path – I feel much more at ease and confident with my decisions and choices – I am really able to follow my own intuition and TRUST my soul!!! It feels like much of the heaviness and tension my body was carrying was released. I feel an immediate shift in my awareness, consciousness, alignment and perceptions towards my life and how I want to live my LIFE! It goes without saying how professional, intuitive and amazing you truly are and I wish everyone in this world could experience your work!!!” Federico – New York, NY

“What Deborah does is profoundly uplifting. During the actual clearing and the week after it, I felt unmistakably buoyant, like a huge weight had been lifted that I had just become accustomed to dragging around. The clearing has helped me form a more compassionate relationship with myself and others, I never realized how much my own unhealthy patterns were isolating me from an abundance of love in my own spirit and in everyone I know. It is miraculous when someone can help you understand pain that you have carried since you were a child when many of your feelings were overlooked or invalidated. Deborah recognized deep wounds within me that I have never known how to articulate. Talking to Deborah was in a way, like the tormented silenced child in me finally being able to express herself.” Aimee Versailles – Oakland, CA

“I have had profound experiences with Deborah Diane’s work, and recently asked her about a session for my almost 5 year old dog. Stella was always an ultra sensitive dog. She carried an agitation around her since puppyhood. I saw immediate and tremendously positive results from Deborah Diane’s work with Stella. Since the session, she has transformed into a more confident dog with a deep calm peace emanating from her. This exhausting agitating field around Stella from birth has vanished since the session. Usually Stella and I are very physically active and have found us both resting in her new calm state. Prior to this, it was very rare that she would just be a dog and relax in the house when activity focused on her was not going on. This resting state Stella is now in reminds me of someone having had a migraine for 5 years (this is what it has felt like with Stella) and then it vanishes. This is where she is joyfully now!! I write this testimonial weeks after the session. The effects are lasting, deep and profound. With deep gratitude, Wendy Slater” – Brattleboro, VT

“I am amazed at the results that I am having from Deborah’s group clearings. The work is quick, easy, makes no sense to the mind, and is quite profound. I had a private session with Deborah as well, and I cannot say enough about this woman. Humble, powerful, authentic, and full of integrity. A blessing to have her visit our community.” Barbara Bryan – Sedona AZ

Ashland“Deborah Diane performs truly amazing work. My partner and I both received a lot from the very unique and wonderful session we had. It is as real and as powerful as anything I have ever experienced. Free, clear, and clean at last. Highly recommended!” Silas Smith – Ashland, OR

“Deborah Diane has freed me from old dysfunctional patterns that have held me captive for years. I feel that the essence of her work is to free people from karmic patterns and unlock and activate lightworkers to fulfill their roles in healing the planet. Everything has shifted for me very quickly since my session. Deborah Diane is a gift to this planet!” Rose Light – Ashland, OR

“Deborah Diane’s healing work is a quantum leap on the continuum of healing work. Her process epitomizes the manifestation of the hologram of possibilities that energy medicine has to offer. Her group clearing are not only fun, they are beyond any other healing modality that I have experienced in power, depth and light speed. It is unlike anything or anyone I have experienced!” Shoshanna Born – Ashland, OR

“I have never actually written a review or testimonial, but I was eager to try to put my life-altering experience with Deborah Diane into words. About six months ago, I nearly hit rock bottom, with something that affected every waking (and sleeping) moment, and therefore every aspect of my being was tested. I was overwhelmed with the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges I faced. The only thing that truly offered relief, guidance, peace and strength were my sessions with Deborah. She has the innate ability to clear blocked energy, emotions, relationships, to heal physical ailments by going deeper into the root cause of the situation (early childhood and into unconscious energies and destructive thought patterns that one was unaware of). She heals on the deepest soul level which manifests as healing in our everyday lives and in our relationships. She offers guidance and validation through her work in a private session, and has been a tremendous source of guidance, peace, enlightenment, hope and courage for me. She is able to deliver information to you and then help you to integrate that information seamlessly into your life, or to move on, heal and truly feel complete acceptance for the change. Her work has changed the way I live my life every day. I’m so grateful for Deborah’s time and ability to heal unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Several people in my life have also had sessions with Deborah and have had many wonderful life-changing experiences in the process.” Julia Mancuso – Boston, MA

“Deborah Diane’s sessions really work! Her clearing has brought me to this zen place and that’s a place I’ve never been before. I’ve done one private session and two group clearings, and had different and profound changes from each. Not only did I experience an incredible decrease of anxiety and tension, but my faith in what can’t be seen or explained and its powerful, palpable influence in our lives was also bolstered. Thanks, Deborah, I have to tell you how thankful I am for your work and how much change it gives for such little effort on the part of the client. When I think about all that has happened inside of me since we first spoke on the phone nine months ago, I’m floored. I feel like I got to take a massive cosmic shortcut to improved well-being and that of my relationships, too, and I’ve never been happier. Thank you for sharing your gift with others!” Emily Proctor – Decatur, GA

“I didn’t notice it at first, but after a week of integration, I realized significant shifts on many levels. I feel lighter, calmer, and less reactive. The depression I have struggled with for over five years was lifted after just one treatment and I was able to release the need to continue the weekly therapy I have been going to for years! Deborah’s authenticity and sincerity are refreshing. She’s the real deal!” Sharman Merchant – Sedona, AZ

“I feel very lucky to have found Deborah! She is a true gem, and I am very grateful for the help that I received. My session with her has made a huge difference for me. I definitely feel lighter, more at peace and at ease, which is what I was looking for. Energetically, I feel so much better, and words cannot express enough my appreciation. I wish everybody could have this experience!” Eva Humphrey – Mt Shasta, CA

Kauai“I have been to several of Deborah Diane’s group clearings and have also had an individual clearing session. What she facilitates is powerful, profound, fast, easy and fun! My relationships are improving in all areas – with people, finances and perhaps most importantly, with the Divine. Her group clearings are a complete gift, every one of them gets better! The group dynamic is such that we never know what will come up for clearing and however many I go to, it is always more, new, deeper, perfect. She is certainly a gift in my life at just the perfect time. Thank you Deborah!” Jenny LaFontaine – Sedona, AZ

“Since my session with Deborah Diane I have experienced amazing shifts from intense emotional clearing to a blissful opening to presence of the divine. What used to be so hard for me now manifests in the gentlest loving way. For the first time in my life I am experiencing joy! Richard Buster Brown – Ashland, OR

“I’ve called Deboorah in times of my life where there were some pretty crucial paths setting forth. When I talk to her everything cloudy goes away and everything I want to create starts happening. She clears the path and everything tends to start moving forward effortlessly. So much cleared in my first session and I got to the point where my highest potential just started happening. In the beginning stuff came up but then it cleared and I could really feel the positive forward movement. I felt beauty and support within myself and all the challenges became easier. I feel stronger and I have clarity and direction. Somehow, she moves huge obstacles out of the way. Her ability for sight in very accurate and she works on things that are so large. She doesn’t go into detail, she goes into a huge vast expansion. It is so powerful! She really has changed my life and cleared what has been blocking me from my highest potential. Life still happens but I see with so much more clarity and feel less vulnerable. There are still obstacles at times but I feel stronger, it’s almost like on an internal level she turns on the lights and clears all the clutter!” Sara Kirsher – Oregon

“You are spot on and truly amazing. Negative life long patterns were cleared over night and the transformation was easy and painless. So thankful people like you embrace their gift. You make the world a better place and you have improved my life more than you could ever know!” Katherine Graham – Haven Feng Shui, Atlanta GA

“After my session fears and other emotional blockages were released so that a true, complete and conscious understanding of the divine plan, and my role in it, could come streaming through my heart and into my life. I can consciously feel where I have grown, released and changed. I am now taking major steps forward in every area of my life.” Tom Bird – Sedona, AZ

“Deborah THANK YOU so much for the session. I have had amazing things open and happen for me since you did my clearing and they just keep coming! It’s a whole new feeling of lightness and things that you cleared have really showing me they are cleared, relationships with others and myself! YOU have an amazing talent and I am so thankful that you share that with the world! Love to you!!” Sandra Large – Port Washington, WI

“Deborah’s group clearings have brought me closer to myself and intuitive guidance. They are very powerful yet gentle, even after the clearing I continue to experience more and more letting go as old thoughts and belief systems fall away. I am so grateful, as I feel more connected to truth, love, and ultimately everything. Thank you, Deborah, for being the vehicle for the positive change that we all desire for a happier more joyful life.” Lisa Bravo – Sedona, AZ

“Deborah’s gifts certainly extend to the animal kingdom! After clearing with my cat, his behavior was noticeably different toward me. He went from being extremely aloof to making an obvious effort to get my attention and show more affection! Quite remarkable. Thank you Deborah!” Lise Germain – Sedona, AZ

“Since my session with Deborah things are REALLY REALLY moving in my world…it’s quite interesting. I feel positive about the changes in my experience. My partner has even recognized the change in me and our relationship is more loving and kind recently because of it – Thanks!” Margaret Dore – Switzerland

“Deborah’s group clearings have certainly opened up some closed doors in my life! I have been to both the relationship and prosperity group sessions and am happy to say, I most definitely have noticed the positive effects in both arenas! Deborah Diane is of service to a high degree.” Amalia Camateros – Sedona, AZ